About Us

Michael J Delaney
Our Founder and Chief Nurturist
Thank you for your interest in my company. For many years I have suffered with various symptoms associated with my condition. These have ranged from feelings of anxiety, which have made it very difficult for me to achieve any pattern of sleep or relaxation, to aches and pains caused by arthritis.

These symptoms alone sent me on a quest to try to discover natural remedies that might help to ease my physical and mental health issues. A few years ago I was fortunate to discover and experience the remarkable benefits from using CBD. Through a combination of careful research, using only high quality Full Spectrum CBD and blending of my own preferred natural ingredients I am extremely proud to have produced a product that has truly worked for me.

My hope now is that it does the same for you.

We prefer to consider ourselves merely a group of enthusiastic ‘nurturists’. We let
nature do all the work and simply harness its magical properties to produce a range of in house, artisan creams, oils and lip balms made entirely from 100% natural ingredients. Preserving the very best elements to provide you with a very high quality, totally safe, full spectrum CBD product, guaranteed. Each one of us at Nature’s Nurture has experienced the positive benefit of using Full Spectrum CBD. Either for a specific condition or simply as part of a natural daily health and wellbeing regimen. Our passion for this product combined with our love of nature meant an easy foray into producing our own brand.

With a personal commitment to ensuring that everything we produce is 100% natural and using only the finest ingredients. Despite its increasing popularity there are so many other benefits of Hemp that people are simply not aware. Be it medicinal, ecological, environmental, nutritional, carbon neutralising, recyclable the list goes on and on so no wonder it is often hailed as...

"the only plant with the potential to save our planet"

Every part of the plant can be used, be it for textiles, producing health and wellness related products, biomass for reusable energy, insulation, even building our homes.

The opportunities for its use are almost limitless and, rightly so, we should all hail this wondrous plant. Can you imagine if all our homes and buildings were constructed, powered and heated using Hemp and that the mysterious power of its healing capabilities, which have been documented since records began thousands of years ago, were finally scientifically proven?

Quite simply, Hemp is the answer to not only a Green Industrial Revolution but also, potentially, to becoming an essential ingredient to life changing medicines. Not bad for a humble, unassuming looking plant. Nature is truly wonderful.

Help us to kick start the revolution...