Luxury Hand Sanitiser 50ml Gel

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Our Luxury Hand Sanitiser Gel is made by us here in England.

We comply to the World Health Organisation recommended formulation and use only the highest quality ingredients, sourced from suppliers recommended and approved by the UK Biocides Department.

Ethically made and priced, our luxurious gel uses Isopropyl together with a blend of Aloe Vera, Rosemary and Lavender. This neat little bottle is convenient to carry and perfect to use for when you are on the go. 

By using Isopropyl in our sanitiser, rather than ethanol as is used in cheaper alternatives,  means that it is not only effective in ensuring that 99% of bacteria are killed but at the same time is both kind and gentle to your hands and skin. Leaving your hands feeling moisturised and fresh rather than dry and sticky.


Strong and Effective
No Sticky Residue
Hands Feel Moisturised and Fresh
Looks Nice, Smells Nice and Feels Nice


Ingredients: Isopropyl, Glycerol, Rosemary, Lavender, Aloe Vera and Food Colouring